‘Maven bewijst zich wederom als een van de coolste non-fictie-uitgeefhuizen van dit moment.’ DE VOLKSKRANT
Emma Punt, redactie
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Sander Ruys, uitgever
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Lydia Busstra, marketing
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Een ‘maven’ (ook mavin of mayvin) is een type persoon die zich graag helemaal verdiept in een bepaald onderwerp en zeer gedreven is om die kennis door te geven aan anderen.

Maven Publishing is gespecialiseerd in het toegankelijk maken van wetenschappelijke kennis over menselijk gedrag. Ieder jaar worden de meest interessante nieuwe inzichten en onderwerpen op dit gebied gepubliceerd. Maven Publishing geeft boeken, e-boeken en luisterboeken uit en organiseert evenementen. De luisterboeken produceren we in samenwerking met Home Academy.

Maven-auteurs over Maven

Amanda Gefter – In Einstein’s achtertuin
‘Working with Maven has been an incredible experience. Sander, Lydia and Emma invested so much time, energy and brain power into publishing and promoting my book. When they brought me over to Amsterdam, they had arranged a seamless, highly effective and fun promotional tour that was creative and out-of-the-box. They got the book in the hands of the right media and in front of the right audience, making what might otherwise have been seen as a difficult physics book a bestseller. But far more important to me is that they seemed to really get what I was trying to do as an author. They weren’t coming at it purely as a marketing machine; rather, they genuinely cared about and understood my vision for the book– both the science and the art of it– and they ran with that vision, going above and beyond. The level of personal attention and expertise they provided was unparalleled in my experience — and they are warm, lovely people to boot!’

Dan Ariely – Heerlijk oneerlijk & Ariely weet raad
‘I love Sander and Maven — I had a great experience with them, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Irrationally yours,

Julie Holland – Moody Bitches
‘I am happy to recommend your publishing company. First off, I was impressed with the layout of my book, the cover, the title, the entire design was just perfect! Secondly, the publicity department did an excellent job getting me interviews and speaking engagements, and I was impressed with the professionalism of the personnel there. Lastly, when I went into Dutch bookstores to see if they had my book in stock, they were always quick to order it when they saw the publisher was Maven. You have a great reputation among booksellers for providing socially relevant content. I have recommended Maven to other American authors looking for foreign translations, and I would recommend Maven without reservations to any Dutch authors as well. I’m proud to be working with you all.’

Clive Thompson – We worden steeds slimmer
‘Maven published the Dutch edition of my book, and they did an absolutely wonderful job of it. Not only did they pull off a top-notch translation and lovely book design, but they worked hard to arrange excellent publicity for the book – including a packed live event and interviews with major media around the country. When my next book comes out, I’d be honored if Maven were again the Dutch publisher!’

Susannah Cahalan – Brein in brand
‘Working with Maven Publishing in Amsterdam was a dream. I have sold many foreign rights but Maven was one of the very few who took the time to really publicize my book and make it a priority. Maven flew me out to Amsterdam, arranged for an impressive array of print and TV interviews, and even helped arrange a TED talk while I was there. I was so impressed by their passion for my book! Not only did they do an incredible job of promoting, they were also a lovely team of people, who made my visit a truly fun and memorable time.’

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger – De Big Data-revolutie
‘With “Big Data” an international bestseller and a global success (translated in 20 languages), I have met and worked with over a dozen leading publishing houses around the world. Many of them were competent, some of them were in fact very good. But the one publisher I liked working with most was Maven Publishing. You were pro-active, responsive, competent, and effective. But most importantly you were thinking – thinking creatively how to position and market the book, thinking about the best marketing strategy, thinking about how to connect. Working with you was a treat, and I can only hope that I have the opportunity with my next book to do so again.’

Eldar Shafir, co-auteur – Schaarste
‘One can never fully attribute things to one cause or another, but I can say that of all our international publications (about 12 so far), the Dutch has probably been our most satisfying.  My trip to Amsterdam was delightful, and the press coverage, as well as spillage to other venues, including still ongoing occasional invitations, have all made it very clear that the Dutch reception of the book — I can only assume largely aided by Maven and your excellent team — has been great.  I would work with you again anytime, and would heartily recommend to others.’
Mason Currey – Dagelijkse rituelen
‘I feel extremely lucky to have the Dutch edition of my book published by Maven. Sander Ruys and his team were supremely sensitive, kind and intelligent partners. They made the
book into a beautiful physical object and did a remarkable job promoting it. Throughout the process, I had complete confidence that they understood the book and were doing everything
they could for its success.’

Ian Robertson – Het winnaareffect
‘Of all the publishers I have worked with, without doubt Maven has been the one with the best personal attention, enthusiasm and commitment by the editorial team – but above all, sheer effectiveness and professionalism. Maven is quite unique in the way it promotes the book and makes the author feel part of a team who are actively advocating for the book.
I would dearly hope that my next book, which will be published in June 2016 in the UK and USA, will be taken up by Maven because I have been so delighted with the relationships I have established with the Maven staff, and in particular with Sander Ruys, who is a man who loves books and really enriches the experience of being an author.
To you, my fellow author, I say this: You could not go with a better publisher. Sander has incredibly strong international links and is hugely well-respected by the international publishing community.’


Maven Publishing – Wij zijn verhuisd!

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